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Bio-met explanatory videos (WCA, 2022)

The following explanatory videos have been made to guide you through the process of calculating local HC5 using the Bio-met tool:

1. Downloading Bio-met:

2. Data entry in Bio-met:

3. Data extraction from Bio-met:


The “metal EQS” video aims to bring across the importance metal bioavailability could have in the context of regulatory compliance. More precisely, the script of the video is about demonstrating the scientific principles of metal bioavailability, how this can be used to calculate site-specific Environmental Quality Standards (EQS) or bioavailable metal concentrations and how environmental compliance can be achieved in a tiered approach.

Metals in the Environment Website.

This website is aimed at providing scientifically robust information about metal bioavailability and metal mixtures for users with different levels, background and/or experience. The website provides an animated video introduction to key concepts on metal bioavailability and metal mixtures, leading to fact sheets on topics such as metal bioavailability, metal mixture toxicity and modelling. More advanced users can directly access study reports and publications on metals bioavailability and mixtures to gain greater knowledge of the underpinning science.

Fact sheets:

  1. A Brief Starter on Metal Bioavailability and Mixtures
  2. Metal Bioavailability
  3. Metal Mixture Toxicity
  4. Metal Mixture Modelling
  5. The Future of Metal Mixture Regulations

Last page update: 26 January 2022